Information Security Policy


The purpose of this policy is to protect the information that all units within Kara Holding have or are liable for.

to protect and appropriately manage its assets.


Kara Holding Information Security Policy covers the entire organization and all persons who come into contact with the information resources of the organization.

service providers.


The basic principles of our organization, which attaches great importance to information security;

 Continuous development and improvement in the textile, non-woven fabric, plastic stretch products sector

legal and regulatory requirements and customer contracts to ensure that

to provide services taking into account security obligations,

 A sustainable information security system based on risk assessment and risk management

implementing it,

 Ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information assets and the sustainability of ISMS

to provide,

 Information Security in service delivery and receiving processes with customers and other stakeholders

is to conduct business taking into account its obligations.

 Information Security Management for the establishment and execution of Information Security throughout Kara Holding

System Committee (ISYK) was established.

 All announcements on behalf of BGYK via e-mail address and will be held at,

all employees using the e-mail system must first take into account announcements from this address

is the case.


All employees of the organization and all stakeholders within the scope of ISMS are responsible for implementing this policy and

to fulfill its requirements.

The policy is reviewed at least once a year at the FGD meeting.


In case of non-compliance with information security requirements, the organization will be subject to the disciplinary penalties defined in the relevant LS-HR-001 Disciplinary Penalty list.

sanctions are applied.

(*) ISMS: Information Security Management System

ISYK Information Security Management System Committee

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