As Kara Fiber, we are one of the main suppliers of the most important brands in the hygiene and fast moving consumer goods market... Today, we aim for global leadership in the nonwovens sector in terms of fiber diversity.

At Karweb, we serve different product ranges using both Airlaid and Spunlace technologies, and we continue our path in the sector rapidly by focusing on our customer-oriented product development activities. As KARWEB, we are the approved global supplier of the largest manufacturers of the hygiene sector in the world with more than 270 product types that we produce in our two separate production facilities.

The ratio of our company's exports to imports is over 100 percent. In this respect, we provide great support to the country's economy in closing the current account deficit. We export 80 percent of our production to 36 countries, mainly to America, England and Italy.

Today, Karweb, which has Turkey's first and only Airlaid line in the production of health, hygiene and disposable products, is the largest airlaid supplier in the Middle East. It is also a source of continuity for many other sectors such as practical tablecloths, wet, dry and industrial cleaning wipes, sanitary napkins, patient cleaning cloths and many more. Thanks to our advanced technology, we are able to feed different types and volumes of raw materials to produce a wide range of products.

To be the first and only manufacturer in its field

In our Spunlace facility, we are the first and only manufacturer in Turkey that can produce protective products against bacterial growth thanks to purified water with OTS (Ozone Threatment System) and UV (Ultraviolet systems), which are very effective on bacterial activity on the way to producing quality and value-added products.

Our production system, which is completely customer-oriented, is kept under control with the world's most advanced test devices in our quality control laboratories. We use the world's most advanced systems and equipment in the quality control process, which is of great importance in the hygiene sector. With instant quality detection systems, we ensure continuous control by inspecting highly sensitive metal and other components in all of our products.

We certify our quality through sustainable improvements, precise defect marking, reduced rejection rates, reduced downtime and optimized maintenance processes.

We fully fulfill our responsibility towards nature and the environment. The binding raw materials we use in our products are environmentally and environmentally friendly FSC Controlled Wood and Low formaldate certified. We also use recyclable and biodegradable raw materials. Because we think of our children the most and want to leave them a clean world. At Karweb, we are clean and protective.