Kara Holding produces sustainable products with innovative approaches in five sectors, not only based on economic criteria, but also taking into account both social and environmental factors.

In line with our goals, we protect our world, which is the heritage of our future, by creating our product groups from sustainable products. In order to contribute to our country's "Zero Carbon" target in 2053, we are working today to reduce more carbon from the atmosphere than the amount of carbon we produce in the areas we operate.

National and international certification bodies have been certifying that our products are natural and sustainable on a product-by-product basis for years.

In addition to our current investments in renewable energy sources and efficient energy utilization projects, we are consciously walking towards the goal of reducing our environmental impact with our self-sacrificing approach focused on combating the climate crisis by removing products with high carbon and water footprints from the product range and using more sustainable products for nature.