Karafiber Textile

For a better future, we believe in a more humane and environmentally friendly production system, and we organize all our activities from the perspective of conservation and reuse. Just as it has been done in Anatolia for hundreds of years...

Founded in 1989 in Gaziantep and the first company of Kara Fiber, Karafiber Tekstil is one of the 10 largest integrated companies in Turkey. Producing 45 thousand tons of yarn annually with 2000 employees in 180 thousand square meters of production area, Karafiber Tekstil exports to 31 countries in 5 continents today.

We have very important features that distinguish us from our competitors

Our wide product range, our know-how to produce high value-added products, our state-of-the-art technology, and our investments in sustainable, eco-friendly textile transformation. In our journey of more than a quarter of a century, we are the source of continuity in more than 20 sectors where we add value, and we are the approved supplier of many global fashion manufacturers. We grow steadily and contribute to our country with export-oriented products.

As Karafiber Tekstil, we have a wide production capacity from fashion to technical textiles. We produce hundreds of kinds of yarns with our straight and blended system, high standards of quality, energy-friendly state-of-the-art technology machines. We offer advantages to our customers with our environmentally sustainable product range, our constantly developing service network focused on quality and customer satisfaction, and our 3 production technologies in the sector.

With 7 twisting machines in our twisting facility, we add a different dimension to the yarns we produce between 2 and 3 plies. We add variety and value to our production with oursingle jersey, two yarn, three yarn, interlock, steel interlock, rib, camisole, pique, Thessaloniki, Ottoman, double face, vanize and mira knitting types. We color our fabrics with hundreds of different dyes, using more organic chemicals and much less water.

We certify our quality through sustainable improvements in the production process, precise defect marking, reduced rejection rates, reduced downtime and optimized maintenance processes. We keep our production system under constant supervision in our quality control laboratories with the world's most advanced test equipment. We produce the highest quality and valuable products with our instant detection systems.

We are aware of the danger that textile raw materials pose to the environment. Our goal is to lead the sectors we sustain in this regard. As a result of the R&D studies we carry out to minimize the damage to the environment; we have achieved savings equivalent to the energy consumption of a village with 100 households annually by establishing less energy, less carbon emission and more waste recycling ecosystem.

Today, we produce 20 percent of our product range made of high quality and environmentally friendly raw materials with recyclable and sustainable methods. Within 5 years, we will increase this rate to 70 percent.


22,000 Square Meters Indoor Area Daily Production : 52 Tons Yarn Type : Ne5.5/1 to Ne40/1
23,000 Square Meters Indoor Area Daily Production : 59 Tons Yarn Type : Ne12/1 to Ne60/1
36,000 Square Meters Indoor Area Daily Production : 90 tons Yarn Type : Ne8/1 to Ne60/1
12,000 Square Meters Indoor Area Daily Production : 5 Tons Yarn Type : 5/2 to 60/3

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