Tuncay Kara

"People should be by their boats, in their fields and at work."

Born on October 27, 1953 in Gaziantep, Tuncay Kara was a Board Member of Selçuk İplik A.Ş. between 1989-2013 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kara Holding between 2013-2017. He is the second child of 6 children of the late Şaban and Hayriye Kara.

Tuncay Kara, who started his working life in primary school, has actually worked in various jobs throughout his 64 years of life. He had his first work experience in a biscuit factory and then started working as an electrical installer, which was his father's job, alongside his uncle. After mastering his profession, he received a certain amount of capital from his father and opened his own electrical equipment shop together with his older brother Oktay Kara and they grew in their business with hard work and determination in a short time. Since his other brothers Kemal and Bilal Kara were also in the same sector, they came together under the same name and established Enerji Elektrik Limited Company.

In 1989, they became partners in Selçuk İplik with 3 Open-End Machines. By working even harder with the logic of "Strength in Unity", they have turned Kara Holding into a world brand with around 2000 employees today.

Tuncay Kara has devoted more time to his work than to himself throughout his working life. He never got tired in his work, never let go of his work discipline, was always at his work, and adopted working and following his work as a lifestyle with the saying "people should be at the edge of their boat, in their fields and at their work".

At the age of 64, he was martyred in the great fire that broke out on August 14, 2017 in our first factory with 3 Open-End machines, where it all began.

We wish him God's mercy and express our eternal gratitude for bequeathing us such a great work as Kara Holding.