Message from the President

Kara Fiber, which has a history of more than a quarter century, continues its journey with the belief and determination of the first day.

Starting with 3 generations of textile sector, Kara Fiber has become a successful company working with world giants today. Always believing in innovations and adopting this as a principle by keeping up with technology, it will always continue new investments by combining it with its strong financial infrastructure.

With our customer satisfaction-oriented principle, we have aimed to meet on the common denominator of how we can be the most beneficial to our country. First of all, we have stipulated to invest in our hometown and country. We aimed to contribute to employment and to fulfill our duty in line with the goals of our country with great love and hope.

We are a family that aims to grow continuously and embraces its employees. Our goal is to make this family even bigger with new investments. The happiness and welfare of our employees, who have brought us to this point, are the most important factors for us.

Our company has always aimed to be more successful in its fields of activity. I am sure that it will be more successful in its fields with its production quality, customer relations, vision and principles. Our goal will be to grow stronger and stronger while carrying the flag from hand to hand.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Bilal KARA