Human Resources

Human Resources

Human Resources Vision

Our vision is to transform group companies into brand companies where modern standards in human resources systems and practices are adopted and implemented.
Human Resources

Human Resources Mission

To turn our employees into creative, innovative, innovative, learning and developing, quality and customer-oriented corporate citizens who are focused on the company's vision and loyal to the company.


- To play an active and effective role in the creation of an institutional structure and modern transformation efforts.

- To assume the role of initiator of change efforts and to be the most important support and partner of the group in this regard.

- To establish and ensure the continuous functioning of human resources management systems such as performance evaluation and potential identification system, succession practices, career development planning, training and development system.

- To develop employees through trainings and increase the added value they provide. To spread and embed the culture of continuous training and development in all units of the group of companies.

- To recruit qualified personnel at all levels in the Group companies and to develop practices that will ensure their permanence.

- To provide consultancy to the management team and employees in the field of Human Resources knowledge and responsibility.


Planning, selecting and recruiting human resources that will ensure the effective and efficient execution of the work in our companies; systematically identifying training needs, making the necessary plans, implementing them, identifying competencies, establishing a performance evaluation and potential determination system, making career development plans in accordance with scientific methods, revealing the creativity of employees; evaluating human resources efficiently and effectively.